Body & Soul Restoration


The unique power of the volcano, in the combination with the blue landscape makes the place ideal for relaxation, meditation and detox. After years of action on physical therapies and rehabilitation always with respect to human and nature, our therapists are here in order to provide high quality of body and facial treatments under the comfort of your place.

We believe in physical therapy and we provide our services by certified physiotherapists. Furthermore we are proud for the quality of the used products, since they are all made with organic herbs that are collected with respect to the mother nature from remote mountains and valleys of Greece.

Half of the body Massage

A 30 Minutes healing massage that does wonders in muscle relaxation on the upper hemisphere (neck, back and shoulders) or the lower hemisphere (legs and feet) of your body.

Relaxing Massage

An hour of relaxing massage with techniques which are focused on head, neck and feet, where the bad energy fields accumulate. The Organic body oil with Peppermint oil and Marigold oil has healing, antiseptic, astringent and anti- inflammatory properties not only for the skin but also for the whole body.

Therapeutic Massage

In ancient Greece they used to massage the body as a physical healing method. Hippocrates, who is known as father of medicine, presented a combination of massaging techniques, physical diet, exercise, fresh air and music in order to keep the body healthy. With respect to human we proudly represent that physical therapy.

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic massage is about an hour massage with pressures on the lymphoid tissues. (Thymus, Spleen and lymph nodes). The technique encourages the natureal drainage of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system has a main function of defense in the immune system. The therapy maintains the body in overall better condition, improves the metabolism and also fights cellulite and localized fat.

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage is a stronger mollification that deals with the deep muscles´tension. It is deeply relaxing and helps the metabolism itself. The treatment is combined with trigger point therapy on specific points of tension, as well as stretching, in order to relieve the muscle tension.

Volcanic Stones Massage

An oriental technique according to which seven chakras are located throughout the central channel of the body - centers the vital energy that corresponds to several organs. The therapist gently glides natural basalt stones over the body by using therapeutic oil. On the physical aspect of the body, it does wonders with deep tissue relaxations, relieves pain, improves circulation and releases harmful toxins. Peace of mind is included.

Traditional Detoxing Therapy

A time-honored traditional detoxing therapy where the therapist gently brushes the body with a specific technique in order to decongest the lymphatic system by using natural bristle hair brushes and a therapeutic organic body butter. The nerve endings are stimulated and as a result relaxing the body, even more improving the blood stimulation.

Facial Care


Our facial therapies are based on botanic therapy, physical therapy and tradition. All the ingredients are truly pure, colleced with respect to Nature. We consider it our mission to enreach your body with the therapeutic properties of the herbs through the strict use of organic facial cosmetics and as a result provide you a healthier body.

We offer three different facials:

> After Sun Facial Care

> Anti-ageing Facial

> The Magic Bee Treatment

After Sun Facial Care

An organic facial treatment for sensitive skins or even for sunburnt skins, ideal for the sunny summer days. The treatment is based on the cooling effect and active repair of the Aloe Vera, the therapeutic plant. After that the organic face creme with an active sunscreen protection, moisturizes and restores the hydration of the burnt skin.

Anti-ageing Facial

An organic facial treatment based on the anti-ageing properties of the natural greek herbs and the virgin olive oil. The treatment starts with a natureal face peeling that cleanses the skin. After that, a detoxing face mask with green clay and different herbs followed by an organic face creme with marigold oil and roses water. Ideal for those skin types that need hydration.

The Magic Bee Treatment

A traditional facial treatment based on the healing properties of the beeswax and propolis. A natural face peeling that prepares the skin for the anaplastic properties of the beeswax. Propolis that comes also from the bee, is like a natureal medicine, deals with dermatological problems and has an antibacterial effect to the human body.

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